Frequently asked questions

Applying to IHC IQIP

How do I apply to IHC IQIP?
Vacancies at IHC IQIP are promoted on a range of specific sites and social media. You can find a complete overview of all vacancies on this site and can apply for any vacancy by filling in the online application form. It is easy to add attachments such as your CV, covering letter and references. 
Can't find a vacancy that suits you?
If you can't find a vacancy that suits you, use the Job Alert. Fill in your search criteria and you will be sent suitable vacancies directly to your inbox. You can also send an Open Application

Application process

How does the application process work?
The first selection round is based on the CV and covering letter. If you are successful in this round, you will be invited to to an orientation interview with the manager of the department concerned. The talents and motivation analysis may form a part of the selection process. This analysis consists of 300 questions that you can answer on your computer from the comfort of your home. This gives us an insight into your personal motivation and abilities. Read more information on this page.
How long does the application process last?
We aim to get back to you within 14 days at every stage of the process, whether that be 14 days following your initial application or 14 days after an interview or assessment.
Where are the interviews held?
The interviews take place at the location at which the department or business unit is based. You can find this location in the written confirmation of the interview.
Will my application be forwarded to other branches of IHC?
IHC Staffing is the central department handling all temporary and permanent vacancies. If we believe that your CV fits better with another vacancy, we will suggest this to you. If you accept our suggestion, we will introduce you to the alternative vacancy or the other department. 

Working at Royal IHC

What are the working conditions at IHC IQIP like?
Will I have the opportunity to work abroad?
If living or travelling abroad – either frequently or occasionally – is part of the role, this is clearly specified in the vacancy. If nothing is specified in relation to this, it is safe to assume that it is a marginal part of the role or not part of the role at all. 

Recruitment agencies

Can I recommend good candidates on an open-ended basis as a recruiter?
At IHC IQIP, we do not approve of commercial acquisition and/or commercial use of this advertisement. By using our websites or IHC IQIP email addresses to submit candidates, or by uploading resumes without prior permission of the IHC IQIP Staffing department, the sender accepts that IHC IQIP has the right to pursue and engage those candidates without any obligation to third party terms and conditions.