IHC IQIP America

Committed to providing the highest levels of reliability, safety and expertise

Welcome to IQIP America. Previously known as Hydro-Ram, we deliver one of the most comprehensive ranges of state-of-the-art equipment in the USA. This is used for drilling foundations for skyscrapers, lifting and positioning monopiles on wind farms, and driving piles. At all times, IQIP America is committed to providing the highest levels of reliability, safety and expertise.

Our services

IQIP America utilises decades of foundation knowledge and expertise to deliver the most complete range of equipment within the coastal and civil, oil and gas, and offshore wind markets.

On- and offshore markets

We design, build and supply double-action hydraulic piling hammers. These are used for driving piles in various types of onshore foundation projects.

The unique design of our Hydrohammer makes it suitable for all types of piling and foundation work, including vertical and horizontal driving.

Life-cycle support

We pride ourselves on offering solutions for the optimum use of your equipment anywhere in the world. Our activities are not limited to supplying a technical product, and we can also take charge of – or support – project and logistics management.

In addition, we have a wide network of trained engineers and spare parts at our disposal, and can facilitate in-depth training programmes if required.

Our experience

IQIP America is part of IQIP – a globally operating market leader. IQIP supplies innovative equipment and smart solutions for foundation, installation and decommissioning in the oil and gas, offshore wind and coastal and civil markets.

We draw on more than 200 years of combined experience and expertise, and a passion for service and innovation.

Contact us

We welcome all queries regarding project-specific designs or advice.

Our facilities are located in Broussard, Louisiana. For all sales enquiries and information requests, please contact us by mail info.iqip@ihciqip.com or phone +1 337 837 9224.