Noise Mitigation

Proven technology for effective noise mitigation

Piling for offshore installations in Europe is restricted by precautionary regulations for underwater noise and its effect on sea life. This limitation during construction increases the cost price. IQIP has found a way for you to enlarge your installation window and reduce costs with innovative technology for effective noise mitigation. It is the only proven technology for noise mitigation during pile driving and complies with current international noise mitigation legislation, including the strictest German regulations in place for all German offshore wind projects.

Noise mitigation offshore

Our Integrated Monopile Installer encompasses several features focused on reducing noise levels during pile driving while at the same time reducing operational time in several ways, increasing accuracy and creating a safer working environment. The system also includes components for inclination and rotation of the monopile. All elements together integrated in one system safeguard against the impact from waves and currents offering a longer installation window which significantly contributes to cost reduction.

Noise mitigation onshore

With our onshore Noise Reduction System (NRS) there is no need for temporary noise barriers nor the use of time slots during pile driving. The NRS covers both the impact area of the hammer as well as the total pile length, creating a safe noise level of 80 dB(A) at a distance of 20m from the hammer as opposed to a distance of 100m from the hammer without NRS. This enables pile driving in urban areas and creates a safer working environment.

The challenge of noise reduction

The challenge of noise reduction is constantly encouraging us to develop additional installation methods and innovative solutions. Next to the NRS and our well known Integrated Monopile Installer, new piling methods such as HiLo (High Frequency Low Energy), SMART Pile Driving (SPD) and efficient pile driving (EPD) have been successfully introduced.

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