Pile Driving & Drilling

Reliable piling and drilling equipment for on and offshore foundations

Companies in the onshore construction market face many challenges in making their projects profitable. Whether you are active in infrastructure, industrial, utilities or residential construction, the common goal is to construct a reliable foundation that withstands significant loads in any type of soil. Choosing the correct pile foundation, and installing it in an optimum way, is crucial.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve these goals. Our combination of expertise and innovative equipment allows you to construct every type of foundation pile: concrete or steel; precast or cast in situ; and drilled or driven.

We design, produce and supply Hydrohammers in various sizes, and with accompanying accessories for a range of drilling and piling techniques. The development of these products is based upon decades of experience in using different foundation techniques, and they are available either for sale or for rental.


For all piling applications, we provide state-of-the-art equipment and locally available services to ensure our customers’ projects can continue seamlessly. Our advisory services can calculate the most effective, efficient and safe piling procedures for your project. We have developed a wide range of piling machines, such as our Hydrohammer, Waterhammer, CPE impact hammer and the successful Integrated Monopile Installer.


In many soil types, piles are used for the foundation of buildings, bridges, railways and other onshore structures. In some cases, these piles are drilled rather than piled.

Special piling techniques

Our equipment can be adapted on projects that require specialist techniques. This includes rake and horizontal piling, handling cast in situ (vibro) piles, and for rock breaking, sheet and concrete piles.

Environmentally friendly

The Waterhammer is a water-operated Hydrohammer that removes the risk of oil spillage and reduces emissions. In addition, we also offer a cutting-edge noise reduction system (NRS).


The Hydrohammers are fully (100%) accelerated hydraulic impact hammers. Over many years, Hydrohammers have proven themselves to be the most reliable and effective piling hammers in the market. The Hydrohammer is the state-of-the-art hammer that you need for your next project. It can be used for sheet profiles, caissons, spun piles and driving steel piles for conductors, jackets, tripods, mooring systems, pipeline initiation piles, PLEM foundation piles, subsea template foundations, monopiles and starter piles. 

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