Structure Lifting

Applications for safe and cost effective offshore installation or removal

With our wide range of handling, lifting and deep-water lowering equipment for installation of all types of offshore facilities, including fixed and floating structures, we aim to help customers reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure safety in order to achieve optimum results on their projects.

We design equipment – often dedicated and custom-made – to withstand extreme conditions and heavy loads. It encompasses the safe movement of large piles and pipes, or even complete platforms in a safe, efficient and controlled manner.

We aim to be a full service partner for offshore handling and lifting equipment and related services. Working with one partner means less interfaces, one contract, one partner, one crew – and ultimately less risks and lower costs. All of our equipment is available for rent, enabling you to manage your inventory in an efficient and flexible way. And because we have facilities all across the globe, the right equipment, support and service is always available close to your project.