Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

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Quality, health, safety, and environment are our top priority. At IQIP, we are continuously improving our operations to deliver the highest quality. We take care of the health and safety of our colleagues, and the employees of our subcontractors. We are dedicated to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment, and we assess safety-, environmental impact and risk in all our processes and take mitigating actions and reduce errors by continuously improving our processes and products.


For this, we use a multi-site management system. Therefore all of our international (certified) entities operate according to the same primary processes, safety and quality standards.


In order to ensure a high standard of products and services, we have obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification for our Quality Management System. The quality of our equipment and services has brought IQIP to where it is today: a leading global supplier of intelligent equipment for foundation, installation and decommissioning in the offshore Wind & Renewables, offshore Oil & Gas and Coastal & Civil market.

Health & Safety

We are committed to achieving incident- and injury-free operations and reducing the likelihood of any negative impact resulting from health and safety issues. We endeavour to ensure safe working conditions for all the people working for – or on behalf of – IQIP in both the Netherlands and abroad. To guarantee that we take this very seriously, we have achieved the ISO 45001:2018 certificate Occupational Health and Safety Management System. 

The I-Care Program

At IQIP, we take care of our people, and we share our organisational core values: proactivity, professionalism, ownership and ambition. Safety is an essential part of our craftsmanship and is therefore reflected in our products and services. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who works for us can return home safely every day and to achieve that we work together to Create A Right Environment. With this goal in mind, we have launched our I-CARE Safety improvement program in which we continuously develop Safety Awareness and true Safety Leaders. By embarking on this journey together with all our stakeholders, we take care of ourselves, our colleagues, subcontractors, our customers, and excel in the market.


IQIP innovates intending to minimise environmental impact and also, in its creation process (and supply chain) strives for environmentally friendly production of products. For this, we have achieved the ISO 14001: 2015 certificate Environmental Management System. IQIP is one of the early adopters in the industry of this certification. Hereby, we show our commitment to search for sustainable solutions to enhance our operations. Technological innovation is commonly embraced as the primary tool for reaching this goal, and we take our responsibility to develop sustainable equipment seriously. All our efforts are combined to safeguard sustainable and socially responsible operations for our clients and us


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