Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

At IHC IQIP, the health and safety of our colleagues, and the employees of our subcontractors are of the utmost importance. In close cooperation with our customers, we undertake a range of large-scale activities on a daily basis. Therefore, operator safety and the working environment we create for all staff are critical. This must be upheld while retaining the highest possible standards in the industry.

IHC IQIP is committed to incident- and injury-free operations, and reducing the likelihood of any negative impact resulting from health and safety issues. We endeavour to ensure safe working conditions for all the people working for – or on behalf of – IHC IQIP in both The Netherlands and abroad.

Our SHEQ policy aims to realise these goals, which are divided into three areas.

Service mindset:

· integrated approach through close cooperation with customers
· taking ownership
· delivering beyond the expectations of our customers.

Quality and safety:

· increasing safety awareness
· implementing optimised processes
· assessing the safety and risk throughout all processes to reduce errors.

Organisational development:

· increasing involvement and commitment of employees
· using feedback from surveys to improve employee satisfaction
· Lead by example, acting decisive and responsible.

Our customers can be assured that all employees and contractors working for IHC IQIP must comply with this policy, company procedures and work instructions. In addition, they have the authority and responsibility to ‘stop operations’ if they feel that either safety, environment and/or quality has been compromised.

In order to reduce the chances of industrial accidents, physical injuries and illness, we constantly monitor working conditions. IQIP’s managers are responsible for performing risk assessments, evaluations and inspections. They also promote our SHEQ policy across all of our locations. Whenever required, we will adjust this policy.

IHC IQIP is constantly searching for sustainable solutions to enhance its operations. Technological innovation is commonly embraced as the main tool for reaching this goal, and we take our responsibility to develop sustainable equipment very seriously. All our efforts are combined to safeguard sustainable and socially responsible operations.