Growth of Monopiles

Developing New Techniques and Supersizing Current Proven Equipment

The monopile is a popular foundation to support offshore wind turbines and will remain the dominant design for wind farms. At this moment, the largest size installed , the so-called 'XL monopiles', are approaching 10m diameter. However, currently, even larger wind turbines are on the drawing table, that would require the next generation of 'XXL monopiles' and the equipment to install and handle these monopiles. 

The future is to go bigger in the offshore wind and IHC IQIP accommodates these developments. Our aim is to develop equipment that can facilitate the growth of monopiles. We will do this by supersizing current proven techniques and by developing new techniques. These are for example; Flange Pile Upending Tool (FPUT) XL, S-5500 Hydrohammer, XL Sleeves, Combi Lifting Spread (CLS) 3,000T. As well as, developing the BLUE Piling Technology. Next to that, our Geotechnical knowledge will also be important for these new developments. 

Our equipment for installing XXL monopiles


    BLUE Piling Technology

    BLUE Piling is the newest addition to IHC IQIP’s extensive portfolio of innovative piling solutions and reduces noise at the source during installation. The BLUE Piling technology allows for very large pile diameters, making it perfectly suited for the next generation of monopiles.

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  • load out S4000 16x9

    Hydrohammer S-4000 and up

    The world’s largest hydraulic piling hammer, our Hydrohammer S-4000, installs the biggest monopiles in the offshore wind market. The hammer will soon be joined by a new type in the series; the design for the S-5500 Hydrohammer is now ready for production.

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  • Upending tool 16x9

    Supersized Pile Handling tools

    Our Upending Tools are designed to safely and accurately upend and lift large diameter monopiles with or without an integrated flange. Our FPUT has a great track record installing piles up to 8,5 meters and will be available in XXL version in the coming years.

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Downloads XXL Monopiles