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Using our environmentally-friendly Waterhammer to successfully install seven piles in a harsh environment

The installation of the piles in a harsh environment at the Port of Antwerp. Ground conditions in this area were particularly challenging due to the composition of the clay in the port. The Waterhammer S-500W is the ideal solution for this project, and was easily able to ensure the piles reached their desired penetration depth.

The job at hand

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    This job for Herbosch Kiere consisted of two separate projects at the Port of Antwerp. Due to the presence of Boom clay and rough ground, IHC IQIP supplied the Waterhammer S-500W. These were two projects with different purposes: the first involved the installation of piles for the expansion of the jetty construction, and the second involved the installation of piles for a mooring stage. 

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    Both projects were completed within three days, from the start to the demobilisation of the equipment. Working efficiently – both on preparation and on site – ensured a fast completion, while clear communication and reliable equipment resulted in an excellent collaborative process with the customer.

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    The first project comprised seven monopiles, each with a diameter of 2,660mm and a length of 44m, installed up to 500mm above the waterline. The second project comprised 13 piles, each with a diameter of 2,900mm and a length of 33m,  installed up to 800mm above the waterline. The piles were installed quickly and securely using IHC IQIP’s Waterhammer S-500W.

the S-500W hydrohammer explained

The Waterhammer® was developed by IHC IQIP for use in ultra-deep water up to 2,000m.

Water power pack wp1000w

Can handle 1000 l/m on 415 bar.

Plastic Lower bearing

Water lubricated

water Hydraulic  valve ring

One piece forged duplex ring.


One piece forged stainless steel.


Up to 250 bar cap pressure for ultra-deep water.


Wide range of pile sleeves available for the Waterhammer.

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