Offshore wind


IHC IQIP will be attending the Offshore Wind Energy Expo in Hamburg. At this expo we are presenting our Advisory Services and our newest innovative solution: The Combi Lifting Spread. We would like to tell you everything about our Advisory Services and Combi Lifting Spread. Are you attending the expo? Please come and visit us at:


We would be more than happy to inform you about all the possibilities and solutions IHC IQIP has to offer.


With our experience in the Offshore Wind market, we know how important it is for you to have a partner who can deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions and support you in every step of your project. With IHC IQIP’s Advisory Services we can support you from an early stage with calculations, FEA analyses and drive ability studies, to finding the right equipment for your project. In addition, we can also help you with piling procedures and foundation installation methods. But this isn’t the only thing we do. We also find innovative solutions to make the process of installing a wind turbine more efficient and cost-effective. Our latest solution that already has been used is the Combi Lifting Spread.


With the Combi Lifting Spread you can lift your efficiency, reduce your installation time and increase your installation window. The Combi Lifting Spread creates a new way of hoisting that ensure safe, efficient and cost-effective installations of foundations. With only one tool (Lifting Connector) you can lift multiple foundation installation equipment like a Hydrohammer, Transition Piece Lifting Tool (TPLT), Flange Pile Upending Tool (FPUT) and Integrated Monopile Installer. In this way, you can install your wind turbines efficiently and safely, without the need of human intervention and reduce the crane transits and wear and tear on sheaves and wires.

Do you want more information about our Advisory Services or Combi Lifting Spread? Please visit us at the Wind Energy Expo in Hamburg. Already curious? Click on the buttons below for more information.