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Helping our customers make their project profitable

In the competitive coastal and civil market, foundation contractors have to work efficiently and minimise risk in order to deliver profitable projects. The uncertainty of soil conditions and other circumstances when driving or drilling foundation piles can create significant challenges, and in cases cause project delays or incur other unforeseen costs.


Experienced in helping our clients

To maximise profitability, contractors need the support of reliable partners. IQIP has a long history in piling and drilling for coastal and civil works, and for offshore foundations. We use this experience in on- and nearshore construction, so we can offer high-quality equipment to withstand the harshest soil environments. Together with our local representatives, we offer extensive services and quick response times, all designed to ensure our customers can focus on what they do best.


Our portfolio extends from the smallest hammers to the largest rigs in the world. We provide a range of piling and drilling tools for the coastal and civil market. Multifunctional Fundex foundation rigs provide significant torque and height in combination with stunnable stability, which are necessary to install the biggest foundation piles in many soil types. We also provide impact hammers Hydrohammers to drive large piles into the toughest ground types.


IQIP is able to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions for the construction of jetties, harbours and bridges. We have much offshore experience in driving the largest monopiles using the Hydrohammer, even with diameters of up to eight meters. Due to the reliability and efficiency of our equipment, we are able to introduce significant time and cost savings for our customers.  


By transferring our offshore capabilities, we are able to drive the piles necessary to support even the largest bridges. The same applies for harbours and jetties, which require steel piles to be driven into the ground to withstand the horizontal loads from LNG carriers and other vessels. The unique qualities of the Hydrohammer enable these piles to be efficiently driven without any loss of energy.


Quick, flexible and local

Our flexible approach means that our customers have the option to either rent or purchase our equipment. We also offer project specific advice, such as driveability studies, carried out by independent parties.


Due to our extensive knowledge of the technology required to complete coastal and civil projects, we are ideally positioned to optimise the required tools as part of our integrated service offering. In addition, our global presence means we can secure local availability of equipment and services. This ensures the rapid delivery of materials, and guarantees a rapid response to unexpected challenges.

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