Raked pile-driving activities designed to withstand the toughest conditions

Whether they are unloading LNG carriers, oil carriers or berthing vessels, in order to provide an invaluable service, jetties must be able to withstand the full force of nature. Therefore, choosing and installing the foundation in an optimum way is critical. Using the Hydrohammer can prove to be a perfect solution for installing either steel or concrete foundation piles.


Raked pile driving

The majority of jetties consist of a series of bents of raked steel piles, driven into the ground. Traditional methods for raked pile driving are inefficient due to their inability to compensate for the loss of gravitational energy. This is not the case with the Hydrohammer. By adjusting the gas pressure above the ram’s piston head, the ratio between the energy delivered by gravity and by gas energy can be adjusted. When driving raked piles, the gas pressure is increased to compensate for the loss of gravitational energy. Battered piles up to a rake of 1:1 (45 degrees) can therefore be driven at full force. It is even possible to drive horizontally.


Lightweight hammer

The ram weight of the Hydrohammer S-series is relatively light in comparison to its competitors, and the hammer receives a substantial part of its power from acceleration due to the gas pressure on top of the piston. This greatly increases its handling and makes it ideal for constructing jetties.