Onshore Construction

Efficient piling and drilling for onshore projects

IQIP’s customers in onshore construction face challenging market conditions, tough competition, and many other difficulties in making projects profitable. Whether they are active in the infrastructure, industrial, utilities or residential construction, their common goal is to construct a reliable foundation that withstands significant loads that will function in any type of soil – and in all circumstances. 


Choosing the correct pile foundation, and installing it in an optimum way, is crucial for a project’s success. We are highly experienced and dedicated to helping our customers achieve these goals. With the Hydrohammer piling hammers and Fundex foundation rigs, our customers can construct every type of foundation pile: concrete or steel; precast or cast in situ; and drilled or driven into the soil.


IQIP designs, produces and supplies Hydrohammers and Fundex rigs in various sizes, and with accompanying accessories for a range of drilling and piling techniques. The development of these products is based upon decades of experience in using different foundation techniques, and they are available either for sale or for rental.


Drilling & Piling pile foundations

  • Drilling
    In many soil types, piles are used for the foundation of buildings, bridges, railways and other onshore structures. In some cases, these piles are drilled rather than piled. This is due to the increasing prevalence of urban construction projects, where there is less space and more restrictions on vibration and noise levels. Our Fundex foundation rigs have been designed specifically for this task.
  • Piling
    Piling is still a widely used technique for installing pile foundations for buildings, bridges and railways. There are several types of pile available, such as precast (pre-stressed), steel tubes, wooden piles and sections. For all these applications, we provide equipment of the highest possible standard, and locally available services to ensure our customers’ projects can continue seamlessly.

Special piling techniques

  • Raked and horizontal piling
    Pipes and piles are often driven vertically, but in other cases raked or horizontal piling is the only viable method. In such cases, impact hammers lose their driving force, due to the reduced gravitational pull. Our Hydrohammer has been designed to drive at full force in lower gravity environments and even in a situation without any gravity such as during horizontal pile driving and even in outer space.
  • Cast in situ
    One of the unique features of the Hydrohammer – besides its sturdiness and high level of controllability – is its ability to facilitate the extraction of casing. This means that only one hammer is needed for both driving and extracting, making it suitable for handling cast in situ (vibro) piles.
  • Rock breaking, sheet and concrete piles
    The Hydrohammer can be used as a rock breaker both on land and underwater. With a special attachment, it can also handle sheet piles. The SC-series Hydrohammer is an effective tool for piling concrete piles.

Environmentally friendly

To ensure safe working conditions and reduce any damage to the environment, IQIP offers several solutions. These include the Waterhammer, which is a water-operated Hydrohammer that removes the risk of oil spillage and reduces emissions.


We also offer a cutting-edge noise reduction system (NRS). The NRS consists of an enclosure at the point of impact, and bellow sections around the pile. The design was developed in cooperation with research institute TNO, which is based in The Netherlands. Noise levels can be reduced by up to 15dB(A), or around 90% below the required level, which is a significant improvement on current noise emission levels. Our NRS is available for free-hanging and leader-guided pile driving.

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