Specialist solutions for safe, efficient and cost-effective removal

Mitigating risk matters to you, therefore it matters to us, especially where your decommissioning project is concerned. IQIP can be your partner in delivering the fail-safe lifting equipment that you need, but we don’t stop there. We can assist you with the evaluation and calculation on the most suitable approach and equipment required for your project. It is in our experience that it’s useful to take a broad overview of the work involved and appraise the full removal process. In this way, we can find the safest, most efficient and cost-effective solution for your decommissioning project.

Whether it is the removal of topsides, structures, jackets, subsea templates or pipelines, we provide you with the right equipment and/or create tailor-made solutions to make your ideas a reality. No matter how harsh the environment, our spirit for ingenuity will contribute to safer and more efficient operations.


Our first decommissioning project dates back from 2001 and we have been active ever since. We specialise in Cutting, Lifting and Excavating equipment, and we promise to stay with you from the first Advise and calculations to the completion of the Removal work. That’s IQIP’s CLEAR (cutting, lifting, excavating, advice and removal) decommissioning commitment.

We can offer you comprehensive decommissioning packages for the following applications:

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Decommissioning services

Our core decommissioning services are: Cutting; Lifting; Excavating; Advice; and Removal. These can be commissioned separately or you can incorporate the full spectrum of services into one decommissioning package. If you choose this route, the IQIP engineers will be there to help you with every stage of your project. Our engineers know how to use multiple tools, which means you will need less people for the job. This is one of the ways we can help you making your project more cost-effective and efficient. 

Let’s make your decommissioning project happen! Let’s work together and find solutions for the delivery of safe, efficient and cost-effective removal projects.

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