Conductor removal

Customised equipment to enable the safe and professional delivery of conductor removal projects.

After the removal of the topside and the plug, and abandonment phase, comes the removal of the conductor. We know removing the conductor isn’t without risk. You will have to lift the conductor safely and cut according to specific regulations. IQIP can provide expert services to support you through the process of removing the conductor and assist with the associated challenges you might face.


We are able to assist with evaluating and calculating the work required for the conductor removal. Our specialists will assess the project to determine the most efficient and suitable approach. We can also determine what fail-safe equipment and services will be needed to make your project as efficient as possible.

Do you need other cost-effective equipment? Then we’ve got you covered. We can develop fail-safe, tailor-made solutions to facilitate the decommissioning of your conductor.

You will receive details of all of the conclusions drawn from the feasibility studies, including the results of the Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Additionally, IQIP can give you more than advice, we can also work with you to complete the next phase of your conductor removal project.


IQIP can cooperate with you with the cutting and lifting of your conductor. We’ve developed several cutting and lifting tools designed specifically for conductor removal, including the Conductor ILT, engineered to lift the conductor smoothly. Buying this tool isn’t necessary, it is also available for hire. We also have our pipe cutter, that can cut your conductor precisely into the required pieces.

Do you want to know more about our specialist cutting and lifting tools? You can find more information by following the links below.

IQIP can also work in partnership with you to develop new tools that support with the cutting and lifting of your conductor. Our experienced personnel are more than happy to help you with any request. Together, we can realise the successful removal of your conductor.