Offshore Oil & Gas

Equipment and services to enable reliable and safe offshore operations

For installation contractors in the oil and gas industry, much depends on reducing costs and risk on a project, while creating a safe working environment. In addition, contractors are looking to shift their expenditure from CAPEX to OPEX, in order to lower the required investment and associated risk.

At IQIP, we are well positioned to help our customers reach these goals. As a reliable partner, we cooperate closely to provide a complete package of rental equipment and services for any type of offshore installation, from subsea infrastructure in ultra-deep waters, mooring of FPSO’s to jackets in shallow water.

Our integrated approach – together with our many years of experience – allows us to help customers to rely on us and reduce the number of suppliers and interfaces. IQIP’s proven track record also demonstrates the reliability of our services, which allows customers to focus solely on their core business.

Rental fleet and tailor made solution

We draw on a long history of designing, constructing, delivering and maintaining a range of offshore technology for various applications in the oil and gas market. In response to the complex challenges faced by our customers, we offer the option either to purchase or rent specialist equipment, or design and manufacture tailor-made solutions.

We provide reliable solutions for upstream oil and gas projects, both surface and subsea, and in all water depths. IQIP is the market leader for pile installation, structure lifting and handling equipment in the offshore market. This is appropriate to jackets, subsea infrastructure, mooring systems for floating production systems, and pipelines.

In addition, we have been involved in driving conductors in on- and offshore projects since the early Eighties, with the invention of our Hydrohammer. Since then, we have installed thousands of conductors while developing new techniques.

Proven technology applied on Decommissioning

We are also involved in decommissioning, such as the removal of jackets and subsea infrastructure, which requires specialist equipment. For these unique challenges, we rely on our proven technology tailored to each task.

In the future, as the oil and gas industry moves from shallow to deeper – and even ultra-deep – waters, we will continue to support our customers by designing and producing equipment of proven capability and reliability.

Oil & Gas Infographic

Deep Water Internal Lifting Tool

Fast Frame


Jacket Pile Gripper

Leveling Tool


Pile Anti Running Clamp

Pile Upending Clamp

Pipeline Recovery Tool

Slotted Frame