Offshore Wind & Renewables

No limits or boundaries in the pursuit of cost reductions

In the offshore wind market, the mutual aim is to reduce the total cost of energy to make this a competitive sector, while increasing the level of security. This covers everyone involved in a wind farm project, from developers to design agencies, and contractors to financers. To achieve cost reductions – while mitigating risk – offshore wind contractors need to minimise the number of interfaces and suppliers, and increase efficiency and flexibility.


IQIP contributes to this goal by providing a complete range of equipment and services on a project-by-project basis, which increases efficiency and flexibility, while reducing risk. In addition, our extensive track record with offshore wind projects shows that we can guarantee an effortless and positive result for our customers.


Close cooperation

The offshore wind market continues to grow at a rapid pace, and wind farms of significant proportions will be created over the coming decades. As such, we support the growth of our customers through the delivery of innovative equipment, consultation and additional services, during the installation and decommissioning of wind farms, substations and met masts.


Through our integrated and professional approach, we provide a secure and cost-effective service based on our proven track record. By working closely together with our customers – all well-known offshore wind contractors – we are able to ensure a maximum installation window and mitigation of risk during the lifetime of a project and beyond.  


As wind farms move into ever-deeper waters, the size of monopiles is increasing substantially. Our hammers and handling tools play a significant role in this development and make it possible to install even the largest monopiles. Read more about the integrated monopile installer.


To install large monopiles we have developed the integrated monopile installer. The integrated monopile installer is nominated for the Maritime Innovation Award.


Oil and Gas industry


In support of this, our experience in the oil and gas industry lends itself to the successful application of jackets and tripods for foundation work when monopiles are no longer feasible. For example, our pre-piling template facilitates the swift and accurate installation of jackets.


Our extensive experience in the mooring of floating oil production systems also allows us to provide cost-effective piling spread packages and handling tools for the mooring of floating wind turbines. In addition, we can enhance the service level of any offshore installation vessel through our involvement in the handling of structures and piles on deck.


The advantages of offshore wind installations

  • Reducing the total cost of energy
  • Increasing the level of security
  • Cost reductions / while mitigating risk
  • Increase efficienty and flexibility

Offshore Wind Infographic

Fast Frame and Central Alignment Template

Flange Pile Upending Tool

Flange Clamp

High Frequency / Low energy Pile Driving

Modular Transition Piece Lifting Tool

Noise Mitigation System & Guiding Tool

Pile Driving on Flange

Pile Guiding Tool

Pre Piled Templates

Pre Piled Templates with NMS

Upending Tool for Monopiles

XL Sleeve

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