More than piling

Multifunctional drilling and piling solutions

Do you need expert support with your next onshore foundation installation project? IHC IQIP can assist you every step of the way.

With our combined portfolio of equipment, advice and service, we enable our customers to carry out efficient and safe foundation installations. With our long history in piling and drilling for coastal and civil works, and offshore foundations, we truly know what it takes to install a foundation pile effectively.

Although you might know IHC IQIP for its pile installations – with the IHC Hydrohammer series and IHC FUNDEX rigs – do you also know that we can do much more than that?


The Hydrohammer can install Vibro and Vibrex piles in combination with an IHC FUNDEX machine or a crane for free piling applications. Alongside our proven piling activities, IHC IQIP can support you with multiple drilling applications. Our multifunctional rigs can be equipped with tools for the following applications:

  • Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) drilling
  • Soil displacement drilling
  • Double Drilling
  • Cutter Soil Mixing
  • Soil mixing with triple rotary head
  • Grout injection anchor piles
  • High frequency vibrator
  • Down the hole drilling
  • Push pull systems

Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or do you need professional advice for your next project? Whatever your query, we are more than happy to help. Please contact us at


In recent times, we have seen that data registration, and automatic piling and installation, are becoming vital. That is why IHC IQIP keeps developing cutting-edge products that allow you to harvest more insights from data and the process itself, and help you to install piles more efficiently.

Take our C-36, for example. This is a control system for the Hydrohammer that controls and monitors all hydraulic functions electronically, allowing the optimal blow energy to be set. One of its most outstanding key functions is the ‘automatic piling’ option, where blow energy and rate control are automated for optimal operations.

Another key function of the C-36 is its integrated data logging. With this, all piling data is stored automatically in the control system, where data logs can be exported via USB and GPRS.

This information will also be easily accessible to you via our customer portal. Through this tool, you can find details about your IHC FUNDEX rig, including pile positioning and data acquisition records from the IHC FUNDEX Data Acquisition System (FDA).

The customer portal will be released in early 2019, whereas the portal for Hydrohammer and C-36 will be available later in the same year.


As automatisation becomes more essential than ever, IHC IQIP has introduced a new version of the IHC FUNDEX rig that can install piles semi-automatically. The IHC FUNDEX F2500 is equipped with a Pile Positioning System that uses GPS to rapidly install piles without the need for advanced surveying.

Curious to learn more about the IHC FUNDEX F2500? Check out our newest rig at BAUMA and meet our experts at booth FN.722/2.

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