Advisory services

IHC IQIP's advisory services provide expert support

News published on
01 March 2017
The recent merge of four existing IHC business units into IHC IQIP is proving to be efficient. By combining the knowledge, experience and equipment of these specialist units, our customers in the oil and gas, offshore wind and coastal and civil markets, now have direct access to all of this for their project.

With this in mind, IHC IQIP’s Advisory Services was established. Headed by Paul Hitzerd, the remit of Advisory Services is to centralise IQIP’s extensive knowledge and expertise to customers at the earliest possible stage of a project.

“Although IQIP is relatively new, we are actually harnessing decades’ worth of experience from a range of markets,” says Paul. “Our specialist knowledge is focused on maximising the foundation and installation process when driving, lifting and handling. During project planning, we noticed that many companies could benefit from in-depth equipment knowledge even before the design phase."

“IQIP’s Advisory Services are geared towards helping companies make better choices, achieving an ideal design method and adding value. By cooperating closely with customers, our intention is to reduce costs and mitigate risk. We also aim to close the loop by feeding back information from every project into the next, which can be very beneficial for companies on new developments.”

IQIP’s advisory is focused on:

- Site investigation
- Design of Foundation element
- Piling procedure
- Surveying and reporting
- Installation methodology

Our experts and specialists
To support its ambitions, Advisory Services is able to call upon the full force of IQIP’s engineering department, currently equipped with over 60 engineers. This broad, flexible support encompasses geotechnical expertise, product design and risk analyses, and is set to steadily increase over the next few years.

In addition, Advisory Services has long-standing links to external knowledge hubs: Hessels & van Rooij Engineering (affiliated with the Eindhoven University of Technology) has expertise in dynamic FEM analyses and equipment design; GeoDrive Technology BV is able to conduct drivability studies and soil analyses; and Vuyk Engineering provides extensive hydrodynamic knowledge.

“We have a pool of experts, both internal- and externally ,to be able to fully service our customers,” adds Paul. “We have years of experience as a company, and are proactively looking to expand upon previous success. However, we always begin by listening to what the customer needs for a project, and discussing the specific requirements and what assistance we can provide.”

Experienced in advisory
IQIP’s Advisory Services has already contributed to a variety of successful projects in the offshore wind market, such as jacket and monopile installations, and raked piling. These include developments at Gode Wind, Nordsee One, Veja Mate and Nordergrunde. In addition, it is actively assessing the transferrable skills and experience it is able to provide customers in the oil and gas, and coastal and civil markets. Activities will extend to drivability analyses, force and stress checking, and sheet pile design.

On the Beatrice offshore wind farm project, IQIP’s Advisory Services support is proving invaluable on a pre-piled jacket installation. The development continues the cooperation between Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) and IQIP, but faced a number of challenges. As pre-piling is a relatively new method for large-scale jacket projects, expert advice was required to ensure maximum efficiencies in deep waters and in harsh weather conditions.

Advisory Services consulted with SHL on how to ensure the grouted connection between the pre-installed piles and the jacket conforms to DNV-OS-J101. This is new legislation, which states that during grout curing there cannot be any movement of more than 1mm to the jacket foundation. A pre-piling installation template was subsequently created.

IQIP’s experienced team made detailed calculations to limit the movement of the jackup, and ensured the installation could progress in different sea states. The team also worked with a third party to guarantee the jacket design, piling method and equipment worked seamlessly. As a result, SHL had a larger weather window during jacket installation and grout curing, and benefitted from a pre-piling template, before the jacket was placed.

Helping our customers be successful
“At all times, we are committed to helping our customers achieve the most cost-effective solutions,” adds Paul. “If a company is looking to make an installation safer, work out cycle times, or analyse the potential risk involved in a specific commission, we can support them. Our aim is to add value throughout the entire lifetime of a project, from design, installation, maintenance and beyond.”

Due to its wide-ranging experience across a range of sectors, IQIP’s Advisory Services is able to deliver advice whenever required. This is combined with IQIP’s capabilities as a designer and installer of equipment to ensure a comprehensive service.

“After every success, we are able to further enhance our database of skills, knowledge and resources,” continues Paul. “We want to hear about the challenges our customers are facing and actively invite them to involve us before a blueprint is drawn. This is because we can advise on the ideal equipment, how to use it efficiently, perform installations, and how to safeguard the total lifetime of any project.”