Agreement between IHC IQIP B.V. and F.lli Righini SRL

News published on
07 June 2021

IHC IQIP B.V. and F.lli Righini S.R.L. have reached an agreement on F.lli Righini S.R.L.’s usage of a specific IHC IQIP’s innovative patented technology for upending tools. Upending tools are designed to safely grab, hoist and upend large diameter piles during offshore installation. This specific patented technology is pertinent to tools characterized by a central hinged lifting arm that enables reduction of bending moments between the tool and the pile during lifting and upending operations, while improving operational efficiency.

Righini has produced upending tools in which this IHC IQIP’s intellectual property rights was used and for which a license has now been granted under the license agreement between both parties.

The respective upending tools have been successfully used on a pre-piling project in the North of Scotland for the installation of over 100 piles and several offshore wind farm projects in the Strait of Taiwan for the installation of 21 jacket foundations and 111 turbine foundations.

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