IHC IQIP is certified by DNV-GL as a Training Provider

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12 May 2020

  Certified Training Provider

12 May 2020 – Sergio Meekel

IHC IQIP is certified by DNV-GL as a Training Provider

IHC IQIP is pleased to announce that as of the 1st of May 2020, IHC IQIP Training Institute is certified by DNV-GL as a Training Provider. The training management system is in full compliance with the requirements of DNV-GL Standard ST-0029.

IHC IQIP is honored with this achievement which:

  • Secures our Course Quality & Outcome
  • Ensures course execution carried out by our Certified Instructors
  • Positively affects Course Results & Development
  • Is in line with market demands and industry requirements
  • Drives our future training business development and knowledge sharing philosophy


Training by IHC IQIP

IHC IQIP’s customers work in challenging markets where safety, efficiency and quality are essential.

The establishment of our IHC IQIP Training Institute secures our course quality which is carried out by certified instructors, positively affects our course results and drive our future training philosophy. This eventually results in a safe, efficient and accurate project environment.

IHC IQIP Training Institute provides operational & technical training courses to customers and industry partners worldwide. Certified Instructors develop and facilitate these courses in accordance with international standards, regulations and requirements. To meet customer specific training demands, we also offer tailor-made courses, focused on familiarisation, operations and project specific equipment.

Every year, IHC IQIP trains over 200 participants, varying from operators, engineers and surveyors to site management and industry partners. They are mainly trained in operation and maintenance of HydrohammerHandling & Lifting Tools, Control Systems and all other type of foundation, installation and decommissioning equipment. 

Next to this, the IHC IQIP Training Institute also engages in international seminars concerning Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas, foundation, installation and decommissioning related topics.


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