IHC IQIP contributes to YME decommissioning

News published on
29 September 2016

IHC IQIP has provided the internal lifting tool (ILT) that Allseas used to install the cutting tools inside the legs of the redundant YME production platform. The platform was removed in a single piece in August by Allseas’ recently commissioned heavy-lift vessel Pioneering Spirit; the vessel’s first decommissioning lift.

IQIP’s involvement included the rental of an ILT, power pack and hose reel, onshore test trial fitting and the offshore operation of the spread. The ILT was used to install a leg-cutting device on to the three legs and conversely after the final cut. All operations were executed seamlessly, with an efficient performance of both the ILT and IQIP’s crew on board the vessel contributing to the project’s success.

What remains of the legs will be removed by DOF Subsea Norway (divided over six lifts) using another ILT supplied by IQIP. This phase is scheduled for October 2016 when the ILT will be configured to 3,500mm. IQIP will also provide offshore support.

For more information about IHC IQIP’s decommissioning activities, please contact Peter Wempe: pj.wempe@ihciqip.com