A new Data Service Platform that will improve the efficiency of our customers’ operations

News published on
30 June 2020

IHC IQIP is very excited to introduce its new digital service MIQIP. MIQIP is a Data Service Platform that improvesoperations by providing our customers with operational intelligence on their foundation installation assets.  

As the demand for accurate and transparent operational reporting increases, IHC IQIP has been closely working with its customers to deliver an efficient way to optimize onshore and offshore foundation installation. Hammer operators, project managers and service crew now have direct access to operational data enabling them to make better data-driven decisions. 

Via any web-enabled device, the customer is able to login to the web portal and gets access to information relating to the operation of their foundation installation assets. MIQIP offers functionality for:


Job Site Preparation:

The customer has the ability via any web-enabled device to create hammer spread configurations, upload their project piling plan and push these remotely and seamlessly to the C-36 control unit via the web portal at the comfort their desks.


Operational Control:

The customer can remotely view pile-driving operations with insights into their hammers’ operational status and live calendaring.



The customer can easily create and customise pile-driving reports for their clients.

The launch is in May of this year. Currently, the platform is further developed by adding even more functionalities and features. 

For questions about MIQIP, you can contact Tanaka Moyo: t.moyo@ihciqip.com. Click here for the MIQIP service page, and click here to go to the Web Portal. 

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