IHC IQIP nominated for Offshore Energy Best Innovation Award

News published on
24 September 2018

IHC IQIP is proud to announce that we are nominated for an Offshore Energy Award in the category ‘Best Innovation’ with our Combi Lifting Spread. This annual price goes to the best innovation within the Offshore Energy market and will be awarded at 22 October 2018, the night before the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference.


The Combi Lifting Spread is our newest innovation that makes it possible to lift all the required foundation installation equipment with one tool, eliminating direct human contact which improves the safety on board and relieving riggers from heavy labor. Furthermore, the tool reduces operational time and costs, which will maximise the efficiency of projects offshore.

The Combi Lifting Spread exists of the Hydrohammer, Transition Piece Lifting Tool (TPLT), Flanged Pile Upending Tool (FPUT) and the Integrated Monopile Installer that can all be lifted with the Lifting Connector that easily connects with the corresponding sockets on top of the tools. The Lifting Connector features smart sensors: GPS, Inclination and Video which make it able to move over a pre-programmed optimised installation path realising the most efficient and accurate repeatable cycles. This allows crane operators to achieve the highest level of accuracy.

The Combi Lifting Spread can be expanded and can be applied for all lifts that are needed at your next onshore or offshore project.

More information? Click here for the Combi Lifting Spread.


The price will be awarded on 22 October 2018 in the Offshore Energy Gala show. We will keep you updated about this price!



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