IHC IQIP presents latest developments at BAUMA 2019 in Munich

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02 April 2019

IHC IQIP will be presenting a wide range of equipment at BAUMA this year, the world’s largest international construction machinery trade fair, being held in Munich from 8 to 14 April. IHC IQIP will be presenting a number of industry firsts and innovative solutions on stand FN.722/2.

Debut: the IHC Fundex training simulator

A first for IHC IQIP at BAUMA is the IHC Fundex Simulator, which offers virtual simulation of each step of the various foundation processes. Operators can be trained in soil displacement drilling, auger drilling and pile-driving in various ground types and with various drill diameters. All the different parameters for the processes can be entered in the simulator, including various ground types and structures and external influences, such as wind and rain. This enables the operators to control the various foundation process steps in a safe and efficient way. 

The simulator cabin has the same control console and controls as the F3500, the most popular foundation rig in the IHC IQIP range. Instead of windows, the operator views his operations via several large screens.

All foundation process steps can be entered and it is also possible to supply customer specific applications for special operations. 

IHC IQIP developed the simulator in response to the increased digitisation of control systems and foundation processes. Training in specific processes increases productivity, as operators are more experienced in using the machinery, which contributes to improved construction site safety. 

The simulator forms part of the newly established IHC IQIP Training Centre. As well as training for IHC Fundex machinery, training is also offered for Hydrohammers, handling and lifting tools and control units, in which safety, efficiency and quality come first.

New F2500 foundation rig

The popular IHC Fundex foundation rig, the F2500, has been significantly updated, improved and expanded. The updated model will be presented at BAUMA. It is equipped with a powerful Volvo 515 kW engine (previously 330 kW) and is suitable for various drilling and pile-driving methods, such as soil displacement drilling, augur drilling, CSM Cutter Soil Mixing, double drilling, sheet pile pressing and cast-in-situ and concrete piles.

The new IHC Fundex F2500 can install piles semi-automatically using the Pile Positioning System (PPS), which works using GPS technology. By sending a digital pile plan to the F2500, the operator can direct the machine to the next location. On reaching the desired location, the machine positions itself at the exact point automatically. A patented Fundex STS Safe Tip Supply feeder has been developed for the cast-in-situ piles. This automatically places the tip on the pile and seals these just prior to driving these into the ground. This achieves safe, fast and precise pile installation.

New online MIQIP portal

Registering data and automatic pile-driving and installation are becoming increasingly important. That is why IHC IQIP has developed the new online MIQIP portal, which is being introduced at BAUMA. Customers can view all their foundation data and equipment in this portal. They can also see when their equipment requires maintenance.

The first MIQIP version will be available for IHC Fundex foundation rigs after BAUMA. A version for Hydrohammers will be introduced later this year. 


IHC IQIP’s extensive range of Hydrohammers - hydraulic pile-driving hammers for onshore and offshore pile-driving of steel piles, sheet piling and other constructions - vary in force from 30 kJ to 4,000 kJ. The S-90 (impact energy 90 kJ) is one of the company’s most popular pile-driving hammers.

IHC IQIP will be presenting a new sheet leg design for the S-90 at BAUMA. This new design ensures improved guidance and is more compact. The new, integrated tilting mechanism on the sheet legs makes the hammer easier erect.

One of the most striking new functions is the automatic pile-driving option, which uses a new control system to automate the control of energy and impact energy for optimum performance. 

The new C-36 control system can be used with all Hydrohammers. The C-36 enables all hydraulic functions to be controlled and monitored electronically so that the optimum impact energy can be adjusted whatever the conditions.
 The control is via a touch screen, which offers a clear display of all relevant information throughout the entire pile-driving process. The operator can also view the information remotely, for instance, from the office or another building site anywhere in the world. All these developments contribute to a clearer and safer working environment without cables.

Another new function is Integrated Data Logging, in which all data from the pile-driving processes are saved automatically. The data can also be exported via USB and GPS/GPRS, enabling operators to monitor the process from a desk or office anywhere in the world and, if needed, provide timely service.

IHC IQIP is also announcing the launch of the S-350 Hydrohammer, intended for the market segment between types S-280 and S-500. The S-350 will be available for hire in the near future. The latest hammer is also available for sale.

More information? Check www.ihciqip.com/bauma2019

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