IHC IQIP Middle East is set to support local customers

IHC IQIP Middle East is off to a great start, and investing in the local fleet and service

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16 October 2020
Last year, IHC IQIP opened its new office in Dubai with the aim to service their local customers and help them with local support. The office has a brand new air-conditioned workshop to service and maintain all IQIP Hydrohammers and tools for the region. IQIP Middle East will focus on companies in the Oil & Gas and Coastal & Civil markets within the Middle East region. In both markets, IQIP is backed by an extensive track record. With the local approach, trading activities are accelerated in the region and ready to suit the customers’ demands. Through early involvement, the Middle East office aims to become your project partner by offering a broad product portfolio from our local rental fleet.

The Middle East region has proven to be steady, with investments continuing in the Coastal & Civil market. The first year of IQIP Middle East is characterised by a strong C&C market where they have completed projects in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, India and Africa successfully. Due to the global pandemic, the oil prices have dropped significantly, which resulted in pressure on the Oil & Gas market. This has impacted most of the offshore projects, which have been delayed, postponed or cancelled. IQIP believes in a strong recovery on the short- and mid-term and will invest in bringing bigger impact hammers and additional handling and lifting tools into the local rental fleet. To be prepared and better support the Oil & Gas market once it picks up. IQIP anticipates a steady demand for jacket pile installations. 


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The new era of Digital Services 

IHC IQIP continues to invest in the digitalisation of its offerings. Via new smart equipment, IQIP aims to build strong customer relationships and provide them with an effective solution for their projects. For the Coastal & Civil market, IQIP developed a new control unit, called the C-36. The successor of the C-34. The C-36 is a big step forwards to optimise the installation process and improve reporting. Via the 8” touch screen you can access new integrated functionalities such as automatic control, HiLo piling, self-diagnosis function, monitoring and single and re-strike functions. The new hammer control unit is interchangeable with the C-34, and IQIP offers a two-day training course to make sure the operators take full advantage of this new tool. 

In addition, IQIP has launched MIQIP, a globally connected data service platform. The platform enables customers to have direct access to the assets and the piling data of their projects, collected by the C-36. With the aid of the platform, project planning, and more efficient project execution can be realised. MIQIP will provide reliable remote monitoring of your assets and will help to predict and improve maintenance. Directly support from IQIP Middle East is available to assist with experienced service technicians  for on-site inspections, major repairs, and overhauls in IQIP’s facility. As well as, operate the local available rental fleet and installed base of hammers and tools both on- and offshore. The IQIP Middle East office is fully set to serve your local needs and project challenges.



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