Let's Mitigate some Noise

Combining practical and theoretical knowledge to reduce underwater noise during pile driving

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09 July 2020


Let’s mitigate some noise

Combining practical and theoretical knowledge to reduce underwater noise during pile driving

IHC IQIP is known by its practical and theoretical knowledge and expertise, with a main focus on offshore and onshore driving techniques. We have built an impressive track record with the installation of more than 4,000 monopiles, 1,200 jacket piles and over 45 piles for substations. Over the years, we have offered our customers a mix of solutions. They have used our Hydrohammers, handling equipment, noise mitigation solutions, seabed templates or a combination of these. It is not just a matter of providing pile driving equipment based on our customers’ requests. We give advice to our customers throughout the entire project scope and help them determine the best installation approach in advance, thus reducing risks and costs during the actual foundation installation.

Offshore installation knows many challenges

To generate wind power via offshore wind turbines, a strong foundation is key. The piling of these foundations causes underwater noise, which should be mitigated as much as possible. Therefore, various noise mitigation solutions have been developed, but there is no such thing as one best solution that fits everything. Since no offshore windfarm and more specifically, no offshore wind turbine is the same. The same applies to the location where the windfarm is installed, as each type of soil, as well as water depth, waves, and currents will require different approaches. These are challenges we face in the market.


Pulse Piling: Reducing Environmental impact

The steel ram weight impacting the steel anvil that rests on the Monopile creates a radial expansion of the Monopile causing underwater noise. This underwater noise is reduced when delivering more, albeit less powerful blows. This is where PULSE, our latest innovation comes in. PULSE reduces noise levels significantly at the source and creates an environmentally friendly installation. This dampening system, which is an add on, can be positioned between the hammer and the sleeve and can be used on IHC IQIP’s existing hammer range.

PULSE can be used in combination with any other noise mitigation system. However, when it is used in combination with our Integrated Monopile Installer, no additional noise mitigation measures, such as big bubble curtains, are needed.  In this case, piles can be installed even under the strictest German noise legislation. This will reduce installation costs and increases the efficiency of pile driving operations. The PULSE system also reduces fatigue damage. This makes it possible to further optimise the design of the foundation pile, which is even more important with the development of XXL monopiles.

This summer, we will share more about what we have in store to mitigate noise. For inquiries in relation to PULSE or other noise mitigating solutions; please contact us via: info@ihciqip.com.

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