Maximising Safety Minimising Ecological Impact

News published on
09 November 2019

The offshore wind market is changing rapidly, with the biggest challenges in the future of offshore wind installation being ever growing monopile foundations and underwater noise. IHC IQIP has an extensive portfolio of noise mitigation solutions and pile handling and installation equipment to meet these challenges head on:

Combi Lifting Spread
IHC IQIP’s Combi Lifting Spread (CLS) has been introduced to the offshore market to reduce risks and to increase safety during crane operations on board. By optimising the critical path of the operation, reducing crane movements and vertical transfers and creating quick connections, this tool will increase efficiency and reduce installation time. The CLS allows you to execute projects without the need of hands on deck.

Pulse, IHC IQIP’S latest innovation, reduces the noise level significantly during pile driving operations and ensures an environmental friendly installation. The dampening system can be used as an add-on to any standard hydraulic hammer and dampens the impact and noise with two hydraulic plungers. The volume in between the plungers can be filled with water which controls the impact characteristic reducing noise by the source. Resulting in less noise affecting the marine wildlife.

BLUE Piling
The BLUE Piling technology reduces noise at the source during installation. An additional benefit is that the prolonged pulse duration reduces the loads on secondary steel allowing more secondary steel to be welded onto the foundation prior to installation. This reduces the amount of manual handling and increases safety, as no hands on deck are needed.The BLUE Piling technology will become future ready for the next generation of monopiles.

All above mentioned solutions have been designed with our philosophy in mind: maximising the safety of everyone on board and minimising ecological impact to the environment.

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