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02 April 2016
Since 2015 the business units IHC Hydrohammer, IHC Handling Systems, IHC Sea Steel and IHC Fundex became IHC IQIP. With the new combination of business units we have launched a new website as well. To see the results of our new online home, please visit and take a look. If you want to stay up to date about our new projects, brochures and other company news, you can also follow us on LinkedIn.

A rapidly changing world
Today’s markets and industries are developing at a rapid pace. Projects are now taking place in deeper waters, in more remote areas and in more challenging environments. In order to ensure that their activities remain profitable, companies are looking for ways to lower costs and maximise efficiency. This has led to a growing demand for integrated and reliable solutions.

By merging four business units into IHC IQIP, we are able to provide a full range of services to our customers. As a result, they have to deal with fewer interfaces and suppliers, and are serviced by one trusted partner. We provide equipment, solutions, advisory and other related services for onshore and offshore foundation, installation and decommissioning activities.

Looking to the future
In an ever-changing market, it is important to keep looking ahead. We are constantly researching improvements and optimised technology, and creating new possibilities to enhance our customers’ business activities. We share a passion for smart solutions and developing intelligent, state-of-the-art equipment that stands out in our sector.

This means involving our customers as closely as possible, and we believe in growing together by complementing each other’s experience and expertise. This has enabled us to deliver breakthrough innovations, award-winning projects and a strong economic performance.

Constant innovation has made us the market leader we are today, and IHC IQIP is proud to be your full service partner for advanced equipment and smart solutions.

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