Smarter pile driving through access to data

IHC IQIP launches digital customer portal

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03 August 2020

The Dutch company IHC IQIP is market leader in onshore and offshore foundation installation equipment. Established in 2015 following a merger of the IHC components Hydrohammer, FUNDEX Equipment, Handling Systems and Sea Steel, IHC IQIP is a specialist in foundation and piling techniques.

The company is now taking a new step with the introduction of MIQIP, a data portal for users of the Hydrohammer, as IHC IQIP's High-End pile driving equipment is called. Tristan Keijzer, strategy & business development manager, explains. ‘The Hydrohammer is used for the installation of foundations for wind turbines, jetties, bridges and quays, among others. Our equipment is used under severe conditions. It is a hydraulic hammer that can be suspended in a crane, but can also operate from its own pile driver. To control the hammer, we have developed a new control unit for setting piling specifications. However, the biggest gain is in the data that is derived from this and which we can display in our portal. This gives customers direct access to the project data.’

Keijzer's colleague Tanaka Moyo, business developer at IHC IQIP, emphasises the importance of Hydrohammer users having access to this data. ‘You have to conduct a driveability study for each project in advance. This enables you to identify the ground conditions, what energy is needed to get a pile into the ground. In doing so, you have to assume that the installation is different for each pile. With MIQIP, the data from the hammer is returned to the portal enabling you to respond better to the circumstances during the subsequent stages of the project.’

Track Record
Ultimately, MIQIP is intended to contribute to more knowledge of the entire piling process. Hammer operators, service engineers and project developers benefit from higher efficiency, better reliability and more transparency. However, that is not the only advantage, says Keijzer. ‘Thanks to MIQIP, our customers can keep track of their equipment more readily and easily. For use, it is important that both the customers and we ourselves know exactly under which circumstances the hammer worked. This also plays a role in planning maintenance; if the customer knows exactly what his hammer did where, the maintenance can be planned much more carefully. That way, a project never has to come to a standstill because the equipment needs interim maintenance.’

In addition, IHC IQIP strives to achieve a high level of transparency. The full working history of the Hydrohammer can be seen via the MIQIP portal, accessible to all customers from behind the computer. So, smarter pile driving thanks to high-tech solutions. Keijzer: ‘The expertise of the hammer operators and the insight into the available data offers a strong, new combination for optimising pile driving. Foundation installation is an industry that involves advanced technology and much expertise. Both in offshore and onshore installation. Bridges and offshore wind turbines are technical feats, as too are the foundations on which they stand!’

Article by Mischa Bijenhof, Bouwmachines magazine

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