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06 June 2016

So much can change in a year, and it’s certainly been a busy and productive one for everyone here at IHC IQIP. We can’t believe it’s already been 12 months since IHC Hydrohammer, IHC Handling Systems, IHC Sea Steel and IHC Fundex Equipment joined forces. We are pleased to report that the last year has been a success – but we’ve no intention of slowing down!

As today’s markets and industries continue to develop at a rapid pace, projects are taking place in deeper waters, in more remote areas and within increasingly challenging environments. In order to ensure that our clients’ activities remain profitable, they need to continuously lower costs and maximise efficiencies.

This has led to a growing demand for integrated and reliable solutions, and with the formation of IHC IQIP, we are able to provide a complete range of equipment, solutions, advice and other related services from a single source. Our customers now deal with a single partner, which means fewer interfaces and suppliers.

Staying focused
However, in an ever-changing market, we have to keep focused and look to the future. We are constantly looking for improvements and new possibilities in order to help our customers further optimise their activities. We share a passion for smart solutions and developing intelligent equipment that stands out from the competition.

Innovation through close cooperation
This means involving our customers as closely as possible, and we believe that complementing each other’s experience and expertise is the best way to grow positively together. This has enabled us to develop breakthrough innovations, deliver award-winning projects and generate a strong economic performance.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and IHC IQIP strives to remain the full-service partner for intelligent equipment and smart solutions for on- and offshore foundation, installation and decommissioning activities.

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