Port Said Quay

IQIP Hydrohammers successfully deployed for construction of new Port Said quay

Four IHC IQIP Hydrohammers have successfully been deployed for the construction of the new quay in East Port Said as part of the Suez Canal Economic Zone project. Orascom, one of four contractors that have been assigned to the expansion project, has already completed its pile-driving activities for the Combi Wall with the use of a rental Hydrohammer S-800 spread.

East Port Said is renowned for its sheltered deep-water that allows it to take in large vessels. To accommodate even larger vessels the Suez Canal Authority has invested in the expansion and improvement of the port infrastructure. Part of the project includes the construction of 4,500m quay walls. “The contractors responsible for the quay’s construction are on a tight schedule and an even tighter budget,” explains IQIP’s Project Manager, Peter Lachnit.

“Maximum reliability is crucial for them to meet their deadlines. This is why they chose the Hydrohammers. IHC has a good name in Egypt due to the Suez Canal expansion, which was completed in 2015 with IHC-built dredgers. The Egyptian Navy insisted that the contractors made use of IQIP’s Hydrohammers for building the quay.”

In January 2016, after IQIP’s local agent Diago in Egypt had made initial contact with the contractors involved - Arab Contractors, Orascom and Geco, contracts were signed for the delivery of four Hydrohammer spreads, of which three are rentals. Piling started later than planned, in the second half of 2016, because delivery of the piles and sheet piles for the Combi Wall took place in stages. The contractors started by vibrating the first pile sections through a piling frame until seven metres above ground. The second pile section was then welded on top and vibrated further until refusal.

The Hydrohammer takes over piling until five metres above ground after which the sheet piles are vibrated in between the piles. The top five metres of the piles are sandblasted and painted before piling until final penetration with a follower.

Lachnit says: “Orascom has already finished its pile-driving activities and, as the Hydrohammer has proven to be extremely effective, it has been transferred to Geco for use on its part of the construction. Geco has rented out its own second-hand Hydrohammer S-800 to other contractors working on the project. They are all on track to finish soon.”