The IHC FUNDEX CP25D is a very compact and powerful foundation machine suitable for installing piles in restricted access sites.

With an automatic piling winch, for a max drop weight of 2500kg, for bottom driven or leader guided top drive piling. Optional is to use a hydraulic impact hammer of the CPE series to do top drive piling as well. Besides piling, the rig can also be equipped with an optional CDE rotary head for drilling.

IHC FUNDEX CP25D in brief:

  • suitable for restricted access sites
  • deployable for jobs within buildings
  • telescopic leader enables quick conversion to optimum leader length
  • optional modular leader set-up enables optimum leader length for every job site
  • machine is optionally available with a remote control unit for optimum view for the operator when working
  • broad scope of pile techniques including bottom driven and top drive piling as well as soil displacement, CFA with 4'' concrete swivel and Kelly drilling
  • four outriggers for stability and to lift the machine to avoid sprigging
  • machine can also be equipped with other tools like a hydraulic impact hammer, a rotary head and a vibratory hammer.