Dynamic Outrigger Frame

A step change in efficiency for wind turbine monopile foundation installations.

The dynamic outrigger frame is set to be a groundbreaking piece of equipment long into the future. It will enable contractors to speed up the foundation installation process and expand their operational weather windows. This will result in reduced construction costs in the offshore wind sector.

  • Turnkey solution
  • All disciplines and knowledge in-house
  • Pile-driving expertise and knowledge of soil behavior
  • DP system expertise
  • All aspects combined into one dynamic simulation tool

The dynamic outrigger frame is designed to install wind turbine monopile foundations from a floating heavy lift vessel, while keeping its position by means of a dynamic positioning (DP) system.


This system compensates for residual vessel motions and maintains the correct pile position, orientation and verticality during the pile-driving process.


With all of our disciplines and expertise in-house, IQIP is in a unique position to be able to provide the dynamic outrigger frame from concept through to delivery.

Extensive track record

IQIP has an extensive track record when it comes to essential maritime technology, based on equipment we have designed and delivered in the past. This includes Hydrohammers, Noise Mitigation systems, Handling and Lifting tools. 


To complete the deck equipment spread for a specific vessel or project, IQIP can provide the following equipment and tools for sale or on a rental basis:


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