Jacket Pile Gripper

Pile grippers are used to create a temporary connection between the pile and jacket

Levelling a jacket foundation into the correct position and creating a grouted connection to keep it secure, is a vital part of the installation process for offshore platforms and wind turbines. Utilising the Jacket Pile Grippers (JPG) makes sure you can secure the jacket, retain the levelled position and offer stability during grouting operations, which results in improved grout connection quality and a reduction in cost. After activation of the grippers the structure can be temporarily abandoned for circumstances such as bad weather, which reduces risk during installation.


The Jacket Pile Gripper has an extensive track record in the Offshore wind and Offshore Oil &Gas market. It is mostly used to secure the jackets from the outside, but can also be used to secure jackets from the inside (internally in skirt sleeve or bucket arrangement) with the Inside-out Jacket Pile Gripper. The JPG can be operated from surface or with the subsea redundancy control. By operating the JPG from the surface, you are able to secure the structure from the surface without any subsea intervention, however if the need arise you are still able to operate the JPG’s subsea from the ROV interface panels or via a subsea hydraulic distribution manifold.



The Jacket Pile Gripper has several optional functionality to improve the installation process. For example, the JPG can be completely subsea controlled, multiple hydraulic circuits can be applied to allow for redundancy and the combination with rubber diaphragms and grout wipers can be made to assist in the grouting operations. In addition, we can add a levelling system to the Jacket Pile Gripper to increase the installation operations. In this way, you won’t need other levelling tools to level the jacket.


50t – 3800t holding capacities, however they can be tailored to your requirements 
• Pile diameters are limitless
• Hydraulically operated gripping system with optional backup hydraulic
Optional diaphragms and grout wipers can be included on request
Inclusion of pile stabbing catcher cone structures can be designed and included on request
• Hydraulically operated gripping system with optional backup hydraulic
Integrated jacket installation system on request
• 3rd party certification is optional


Need a Jacket Pile Gripper? Do not hesitate to contact us, we can support your requirements in finding the right diameter and capacity for you.


  • Extensive track record
  • Several redundancy options possible
  • Back-up operation via ROV is standard
  • Resistant to shock loads during pile driving
  • Levelling capability available
  • Reduces costs and increases safety

Let’s build together and secure your jacket with our Jacket Pile Grippers. Need more information about our Jacket Pile Grippers? Check our Track record here or contact us via phone or mail.