Levelling Tool

Levelling Tools can be used for the leveling of jackets and/or templates


• Surface and subsea leveling operations
• Leveling capacity up to 3000t
• Fail safe design
• Certified and designed according Lloyds Lifting Appliances
• Available for rent and purchase

Features 1600t - 3000t equipment

• Subsea levelling tool
• Leveling capacity 1600t - 3000t
• Pile range 72” - 102”
• Guide cone requires an integrated rolled vertical ring only to facilitate levelling tool
• Levelling tool operates independent from pile stick up
• Operates in combination with a Jacket Pile Gripper
• Free orientation during installation of tool

Features 200t - 1600t equipment

• Above water and subsea use
• Leveling capacity 200t / 800t / 1600t
• Adjustable to all pile diameters
• Stroke 1000mm / 1800mm
• Emergency release via hot-stab (ROV)
• Stick-up height variable
• Recommended to operate in combination with a Jacket Pile Gripper during subsea leveling
• No special preparations to jacket/template structure are required:

- Connects with pile guide / catcher plate in subsea use
- Connects with jacket pad eye in surface use

Fail safe principle

The LT is equipped with IHC’s innovative fail safe principle:
• Mechanical load applied on the tool in longitudinal direction results in a transversal force on the pile which creates the ‘locking / fail safe’ connection


  • Above water and subsea use
  • Rental option available
  • Extensive track record

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