Pile Anti Running Clamp

Specifically designed clamp to stop pile running during pile driving


• Pile range 30” - 84”
• To prevent damage to jacket, crane and hammer caused by running piles
• Hydraulically controlled
• Available for purchase


• PARC stops piles from running
• PARC operates in combination with a standard power pack and high pressure accumulator set
• Initial low clamping pressure of PARC during pile driving, to create pile / clamp contact
• When pile running occurs energy from the accumulator package is release in order to stop the pile run within milliseconds
• Automated or manual system
• PARC has the ability to overcome transversal welds between pile sections


  • Prevent damage to jacket, crane and / or hammer caused by running piles
  • Optional manually or automatic operated
  • Transversal pile section welds can remain and are no obstacle

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