Pile Guiding & Positioning Frame

The frame can be used for guiding of foundation piles during upending and for positioning of these piles during pile driving


• Increase of crane efficiency, no vertical pile movement after upending
• Significant reduction of offshore installation time
• Accurate positioning of monopile
• Adjusting verticality of monopole after upending
• Available for rent and purchase


• Innovative design
• Handling of pile diameters up to 6000mm
• Hook holding capacity 700t
• Maximum tilting motion of PGPF ± 6˚
• Upending angle range 0° - 93°
• Option to use in combination with other IHC deck equipment
• Upending tool required at top of monopile for upending


  • Accurate pile positioning
  • Pile upending directly on pile position
  • No time lost due to extra transfer after upending
  • Efficiency

Other handling equipment