Upending Frame

Enables offshore installation contractors to increase efficiency by upending long piles with a relatively short crane boom


• Pile range 54” - 108”

• 600t holding capacity

• Requires ILT at the pile top

• Available for rent and purchase



• Hydraulically operated

• Rotation of frame 0° - 100°

• Lateral freedom of movement ±10°

• Full pile weight can be taken by frame

• Frame can be equipped with inclino sensor for accurate digital angle information

• New design with hydraulic hinge back


  • Great track record
  • Large rental fleet
  • High technical level / intelligence


The latest frames are equipped with a hydraulic hinge back option, this additional device allows the Upending Frame to return into its horizontal position without additional tools, such as tugger winches and/or cranes. This latest design further improves the efficiency of offshore operations.

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