External Lifting Tool

External gripper for piles and structures


• Pile range 20” - 112”

• Lifting capacity up to 1200t

• Max. operating depth of 250m

• Certified and designed according Lloyds Lifting Appliances

• Available for purchase



The ELT has some specific innovative features.

• Subsea operation via ROV or umbilical

• ELT can be optional delivered with side opening

• Centralizing system improving position prior to clamping



• Pile upending in a dual crane operation

• Use as hang-off clamp

• Use a temporary clamping device during welding of leg piles


Fail safe principle

Equipped with innovative fail safe principle:

• Mechanical load applied on the tool in longitudinal direction results in a transversal force on the pile which creates the ‘locking / fail safe’ connection


  • Wide use, great track record in pile handling
  • Shorten upending / operation time
  • Extremely reliable

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