Flanged Jacket Lifting Tool

The flanged jacked lifting tool is designed for vertical lift of jackets (or other structures) equipped with a connection flange

What is the flanged jacket lifting tool?

The flanged jacket lifting tool is a tool that’s especially designed to lift jackets (or other structures) equipped with a vertical connection flange. It is mostly used in the offshore market where it can lift the jackets (or other structures) in the most safe, efficient and cost-effective way. The flanged jacket lifting tool is equipped with IHC's innovative fail safe principle and is remotely operatable. Below you can find the specifications and features of the flange jacket lifting tool. Do you want more information? Please contact us via mail or phone.

Specifications flange lifting tool

• No special arrangement on flange required
• Outside flange diameter range 5,500 – 7,000 mm
• Working load limit (WLL) up to 1,700t
• Certified and designed according Lloyds Lifting Appliances


• Remotely operated using integrated power pack
• Fail-safe lifting principle
• 3 – arm lifting tool
• Reduced bending stress in pile regard to conventional lifting principle.
• Minimal penetration in jacket