Hydraulic Release Shackle

Hydraulic release shackles are used for lifting and positioning structures both subsea as well as at the surface

The Hydraulic Release Shackles (HRS) are used for lifting and positioning structures both subsea as well as on the surface. The HRS is mostly used in areas with limited access when it’s difficult for personnel to fasten or release shackles connections in a safe and efficient way. The Hydraulic Release Shackle fastens and releases the shackle automatically with an hydraulically operated pin. The HRS can be remotely operated, which makes sure the human interaction is being reduced, making the shackle operation a safer process. Besides increasing the safety, the hydraulic pin can be operated faster than conventional handling, making the fastening of the shackle more efficient. 


The Hydraulic Release Shackle opens and closes with a hydraulically operated pin. It can be remotely operated via a Hydraulic powerpack or by ROV intervention if the need arises. The HRS as a standard is suitable for 500 meters of water depth and has several optional methods available to improve operational capability, which are:

• Hot Stab for easy ROV interaction as primary of back-up connection

• Secondary back-up cylinders

• Accumulators for stored hydraulic energy

• Mechanical back-up release to allow for back-up release activations if required




Our Hydraulic Release Shackles have been a part of our fleet since 1998. To this date, we have sold over 500 shackles in ranges from 17.5t to 2,000t of which around 200 of those units were ROV capable versions. In the rental part of the business we have been involved in over 100 projects onshore and offshore with over 2,300 rental days achieved.


• Capacity 17,5t - 2000t

• Remote controlled engagement and disengagement of shackles

• Available for rent and purchase

• Independent of shackle brands
• New patented mechanical pin lock design

• Ultra deep water versions available


At IQIP we can help you find the Hydraulic Release Shackle you need. Do you need another range? Please contact us, we are more than happy to help you. 


  • Compact design
  • Modular design: manometer, hot stab accumulator, ROV ball valve
  • Number of redundancy options
  • ROV friendly
  • Shackle brand independent
  • Possible to modify existing shackles

Let’s build together to lift and position your structures safely and efficiently. We can support you during your project by delivering our Hydraulic Release Shackles, other equipment and services. Do you want more information about the Hydraulic Release Shackles? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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