Hydraulic Release Shackle

Hydraulic release shackles are used for lifting and positioning structures both subsea as well as at the surface


• Capacity 17,5t - 2000t

• Remote controlled engagement and disengagement of shackles

• Available for rent and purchase

• Independent of shackle brand

• Ultra deep water versions available


• Hydraulic operated pin

• Standard suitable for 500m water depth

• Several, optional, back-up activation methods available:

    - Hot Stab

    - Secondary back-up cylinders

    - Accumulators

    - Mechanical back-up



New patented mechanical pin lock design


  • Compact design
  • Modular design: manometer, hot stab accumulator, ROV ball valve
  • Number of redundancy options
  • ROV friendly
  • Shackle brand independent
  • Possible to modify existing shackles