Internal Lifting Tool

Lift your structures, structure sections, topside modules, conductors and subsea structures with our Internal Lifting Tool

The Internal Lifting Tool (ILT) is used for the lifting and upending of structures and piles. During the operations the tool will be placed inside the pile or structure. When the tool is lifted, the lifting contact teeth around the gripping circumference expand and make contact with the pile inner wall which results in an fail-safe and quick lift. The fail-safe system allows for the gripping force onto the lifted structure to be maintained as the load is lifted and thereby preventing the release of the tool if it is under load. The connection and disconnection of the Internal Lifting Tool can be handled remotely. In this way, you will reduce the human interaction and increase the safety of the operation.

The tool is mostly used in the offshore wind, oil & gas and decommissioning market and is known for its huge lift and gripping capability.


Over the years IQIP developed specialised Internal Lifting Tools. At the moment, we offer the standard Internal Lifting Tool, Deep Water Internal Lifting Tool and Decommissioning Internal Lifting Tool. All of the ILT’s have built an extensive track record in lifting and upending structures. Below you will find some information about our Internal Lifting Tools. All the Internal Lifting Tools are certified and designed according Lloyd’s Lifting Appliances and are available for rent or purchase. 


The ILT’s have a high capacity and are equipped with accumulators to overcome the use of hoses. Our ILT’s are available for rent or purchase.


• Standard pile range 16” – 96”
• Lifting capacities of 200t – 2,000t
• Standard operating water depth is 500m
• Varying models that accommodate size ranges

Need an Internal Lifting Tool? We are more than happy to help you by delivering our ILT’s. IQIP can also support you with calculations to find the ILT you need for your project.


The Deep Water Internal Lifting Tool is specifically designed for the lifting of piles and structures in ultra-deep waters. The ILT interface panel from the Deep Water Internal Lifting Tool is ROV operated and has a built-in accumulator pack. This ILT is different from the standard ILT because it can operate in a maximum water depth of 2,500m while the standard ILT can operate in water depths to 500m.


• Standard pile range 16” – 96”
• Lifting capacities of 200t – 1,200t
• Hot stab intervention for primary of back-up operations
• Built in accumulator pack for stored hydraulic energy
• Varying models that accommodate size ranges

Do you want more information about our Deep Water Internal Lifting Tool? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to answer your questions and find the ILT that is most suitable for your project.


IQIP designed the Decommissioning Internal Lifting Tools specifically for the Decommissioning market. In this market, we see that the structures that need decommissioning require larger capacities , due to extra material added during its operational life and the unknown weight additions due to environmental factors. IQIP can provide you with an Finite Element Analyses to find the most suitable ILT for your project. Need an ILT for decommissioning projects? Then the Decommissioning Internal Lifting Tool is what you need.


• Standard pile range 20” – 96”
• Lifting capacities of 200t – 2,000t
• Varying models that accomodate size ranges


All of our ILT’s are equipped with IHC’s innovative fail safe principle:

• Mechanical load applied on the tool in longitudinal direction results in a transversal force on the pile which creates the ‘locking / fail safe’ connection. This allows for a connection to be maintained and cannot be released until the lift operation is complete.

General Advantages of all our ILT's

  • Wide use, great track record in: Pile handling, Module lifting, Buoyancy lifting and Template installation
  • Extremely reliable
  • Available for rent or purchase
  • Shortens upending / operation time compared to shackles


Let’s lift your structures and piles together in a safe an efficient way. Are you interested in our Internal Lifting Tools? Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to find the most suitable ILT for your next project.

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