Increase your weather window offshore with our Maxine

Meet our Maxine, our passive heave compensator and shock absorber offshore. The Maxine protects cranes and lifted structures by reducing the dynamic amplification factor (DAF) in all lifting phases. By reducing the peak loads, you can enlarge your weather window and reduce costs while the Maxine enables you to work longer at higher sea states, which makes the Maxine an efficient tool to use during offshore lifting operations.


Need a heave compensator and shock absorber for your next lifting operation? The Maxine is the lifting tool you need. It is designed for lifting operations offshore and can be used in the Offshore Wind & Renewables market and the Oil & Gas market without increasing the lifting height of a typical PHC’s by using the yokes at the top of the unit as a bridle connection to the lifted structure. The Maxine has a range up to 500 tonnes, but if you need a Maxine outside this range, we can quickly develop a tailor made version for you. The Maxine can be used both above water and below water up to 50m and with little modifications it is even useable at deeper water depths.

Specifications and range of our Maxine PHC

  • SWL range up to 500 tonnes
  • Tandem assembly doubles capacity
  • Available stroke range up top 4500mm 

Options of the Maxine

  • Quick lift option
  • Start/stop functionality as an option
  • Can be used as Single, Series, Parallel and Series Parallel
  • MaXine PHC outside the range can be developed quickly
  • Lift capacity can be boosted
  • Available for rent worldwide


  • No external energy is needed for heave compensation
  • No special lifting frames are required
  • No wear in crane wire and crane system, as a result of the high forces
  • Increases the operational weather window
  • Efficient lifting operations
  • No increase of lift height by using the yokes at the top of the units as the main lift bridle connection

Let’s build together on your next project. We can support you by delivering our Maxine for your next lifting operation. Do you want more information about the Maxine? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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