Transition Piece Lifting Tool

Tool used to vertically lift transition pieces and jackets

At IQIP, we believe in efficient and safe installations of your foundations at your offshore wind project. For this reason, we have developed a tool, that can lift and install transition pieces in a safe and efficient way. The Transition Piece Lifting Tool lifts transition pieces vertically and has multiple ranges with the capability of handling the largest units for the biggest turbine monopile foundations in the world.  The Transition Piece Lifting Tool is available for rent and can be supplied as a single piece or combined with the Combi Lifting Spread.


Normally at an offshore wind operation, secondary steel with multiple bolts and shackles are used to lift transition pieces. With the Transition Piece Lifting Tool, we lift the pieces in a different way. The Transition Piece Lifting Tool, stabs in to the flange and connects easily by extending the latches underneath the flange. In this way, we create a fail safe connection that can lift transition pieces without markings on the flange which makes sure the wind turbines can be placed safely. After the connection, the transition piece can be lifted and placed directly on the monopile. When the transition piece is placed, the tool can be disconnected easily. The quick connection and disconnection of the tool safes time, while there is no need for personnel to apply and remove bolts or shackles.


The Transition Piece Lifting Tool lifts transition pieces safely, while no human interaction is needed during the installation procedure. The tool is remotely operated via a wireless connection and does not need personnel who attach shackles or bolts to the transition pieces. This also increases the efficiency while the tool can make a quick connection with the flange. With the quick and safe connection and disconnection of the tool we increase the safety and efficiency at your offshore wind project.  


The Transition Piece Lifting Tool can be used in combination with the Combi Lifting Spread. The Combi Lifting Spread is a spread that consists of multiple installation tools, that can be used for foundation installations. The main piece of the spread, the Lifting Connector, connects easily with the corresponding socket on top of the tool and lifts the tool without the need of riggers, shackles or slings. This increases the safety and efficiency on board. More information about the Combi Lifting Spread? Check the Combi Lifting Spread here. 


• Adjustable to any diameter within our range ( 4,500 mm – 6,000 mm)
• Working load limit (WLL) 400 - 1,200t
• Available for rent
• Air temperature -10°C to +45°C - Sea temperature 0°C to +35°C
• Integrated Power Pack
• Proximity switches
• Integrated back ups


  • No markings on pile / flange transistion piece 
  • Extensive track record
  • Remotely wireless operated
  • Increase efficiency and safety
  • Fail safe lifting connection
  • Combination with Combi Lifting Spread

Let’s lift and install your transition pieces together in a safe an efficient way. Are you interested in Transition Piece Lifting Tool? Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to support you. Are you interested in the combination of the Transition Piece Lifting Tool and the Combi Lifting Spread? Please check the Combi Lifting Spread here or contact us at

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