Piling Equipment

Reliable piling equipment for on and offshore foundations


Need piling equipment for an onshore or offshore installation operation? IHC IQIP’s got you covered. For over the last 30 years, we provided our customers with reliable and state-of-the-art piling equipment to make their projects happen. We know that with every piling operation, our customers face multiple challenges to make their project successful. IHC IQIP can support you with facing these challenges. Our advisory services can calculate the most effective, efficient and safe piling procedures for your project. Besides that, we can advise you and provide you with the most suitable equipment for your piling operations.

IHC IQIP developed a wide range of piling equipment, starting from our Hydrohammmer, Waterhammer, CPE impact hammer to our award-winning Integrated Monopile Installer.


The Hydrohammer is a hydraulic impact driving hammer that is used for driving piles. Whether you need onshore or offshore foundation piling, the Hydrohammer is the hammer that you need. It can be used for driving steel piles, sheet profiles, caissons, spun piles and driving steel piles for, conductors, jackets, tripods, PLEM foundation piles, subsea template foundations, pipeline initiation piles, mooring systems, monopiles and starter piles. The Hydrohammer has an extensive track record and can be used in combination with our Integrated Monopile Installer. We’ve developed multiple ranges of hammers for every range of steel pile. In addition, we can also provide matching sleeves, sheet pile guides, hydraulic umbilical winches and powerpacks to suit your needs. Do you want more information? Read here everything about the Hydrohammer.


The Waterhammer is a hydraulic impact piling hammer that runs on water as an alternative to hydraulic oil. The hammer is especially designed for (ultra) deep water installations and can be used up to 2,000m of water depth. By using only water as a medium, there is no chance for hydraulic oil spills, which makes the hammer environmental friendly. The Waterhammer can be used with all water types (Salt or Fresh water) and is suitable for all piling jobs like steel piles, sheet profiles, caissons, spun piles, conductors, pipeline initiation piles, jackets, PLEM foundation piles, Subsea template foundations, tripods, mooring systems, monopiles and starter piles. Check the Waterhammer page for more information.


The Integrated Monopile Installer is an proven integrated solution  for noise mitigation that includes installation features to reduce operational time during the installation of monopiles. It can mitigate noise below 160 dB to operate within the present noise regulations, center the piles with the upper guiding tool, get piles through the splash zone, install piles in the right location and rotate the piles in the correct heading in less than one minute. Read everything about our Integrated Monopile Installer here.

Let’s build together on your next project with our piling equipment. Do you want more information about our products? Please click on the product or contact us via mail of phone. We are more than happy to help you.