BLUE Piling Technology

Pile driving future XXL monopiles with underwater noise reduction at source level

IQIP is going all in on noise mitigation. Therefore, we have invested in BLUE Piling Technology. BLUE Piling technology is an innovative piling solution that uses the deceleration of a large water mass to deliver a long-lasting blow to the pile. The technology reduces noise at the source during installation, ensuring a safe and environmental friendly installation.

Blue piling technology in 2022

In the improved concept that will be tested in a full-scale hammer in 2022 The resulting blows will:

  • Deliver higher forces
  • Deliver higher energy levels
  • Be fully controllable

The technology is expected to be tested at full-scale both onshore and offshore in 2022. After these tests the technology will be commercially available.

  • Very low underwater noise levels (SEL)
  • Low installation fatigue (SPL)
  • Easily scalable, allowing the further Growth of Monopiles

Piling for offshore installations in Europe is restricted by precautionary regulations for underwater noise and its effect on sea life. This limitation during construction increases the cost price. IQIP has found a way for you to enlarge your installation window and reduce costs with innovative technology for effective noise mitigation.


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