C-66 Control System

Control all hydraulic functions of your Hydrohammer and Powerpack electronically with our innovative control system

Why the C-66?

If you are already enthusiastic about our trustworthy Hydrohammer and Powerpacks, you will also be interested in the C-66 Control System. When our service engineers are onboard controlling your equipment, the C-66 is of great help to make your project even more efficient. We know that piling in offshore conditions can be challenging, but with the C-66, these challenges won’t stop you from completing the project on specification, on budget and in time. First time right installation guaranteed!

How does it work?

Our service engineers are trained in working with the C-66 and know how to get the most out of this innovative product and therefore, also the Hydrohammer. They will make sure that there is optimal energy delivery by controlling the blow count and blow energy of the hammer. This is based on extensive research done by our people to improve the piling process with knowledge and data from hundreds of successful projects. Next to that, with the C-66, we have also enhanced the underwater piling process.

The POU, SOU and SMU. Three different screens for project transparency

The pile inclination and measurement data will be shown on three different screens for improved project transparency—two screens for direct control and one to have a real-time view of the piling process. Three monitors are connected to the control unit. We call these the C-66 POU, C-66 SOU and the C-66 SMU. The primary operation unit, secondary operation unit and the monitoring operation unit. The most fundamental operational unit is the POU because the pile driving process is controlled from this screen. Operational unit SOU is always next to POU and shows the settings of the Powerpack. The third monitor can be placed anywhere on board. The pile driving process is displayed on this one.

Piling reports

Another feature is integrated data logging. With this feature, all piling data will be stored automatically in the control system, and data logs can be exported via USB, GPRS, or are easily shown in real-time with access to the MIQIP portal. If you would like to know more about the extra features you get when subscribing to the portal click here.

What's in it for you?

When our operators use the C-66 during your foundation installation projects, there will be:
  • Less pile fatigue stress;
  • faster installation time;
  • and increased operational accuracy.

Contact us for more information

Are you completely convinced and do you want more information? Please mail us at info@ihciqip.com or ask for the options when buying or renting our Hydrohammer.

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