CPE Hydrauilic piling machine

CPE impact hammer especially designed for piling jobs with restricted access

Our CPE hydraulic impact hammer is especially designed for piling jobs with restricted access. This hydraulic piling machine is suitable to drive concrete, timber piles and also steel casings and H-beams. It is easily attachable to one of the compact piling or compact drilling rigs in our range and to an excavator by means of a leader.

The CPE hydraulic impact hammer in brief:

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • High impact compares to low hammer weight
  • Independent control system makes it easy to assembly on different carriers
  • Closed design ensures safe working conditions
  • Control system with settings for different applications
  • With low power consumption maximum impact energy
  • Can be powered from almost every hydraulic equipment
  • Can be delivered with excavator mounted leader
  • Possibility to upgrade from CPE10 to CPE30