Hydraulic piling hammer for driving steel piles for conductors, jackets, tripods, mooring systems, monopiles and starter piles


• Hydraulic impact hammer

• For use above and under water

• Installation of foundation piles for conductors, jackets, tripods, FPS mooring, monopiles and starter piles for pipe laying

Available range

• 30 KJ – 4000 KJ

• Available for rent and purchase

• Wide range of sleeves up to 7,5 meters



• Additional acceleration of ram weight through Nitrogen gas spring includes Pile Inclination Measurement Equipment (PIME) for measuring the level of inclination

• Can be used for driving free standing anchor piles through the Fast Frame (or pile guide frame)

• Possible to operate at full power at any Inclination


  • Great track record
  • Very low down time rate
  • Advanced piling techniques available, such as HiLo (high frequency, low energy) driving in order to minimize fatigue damage

Operating Principle

The operating cycle begins with the lifting phase of the ram (ram weight, ram pin and piston rod are forged in one piece). Here, valve P in the pressure line is opened and valve R in the return line is closed. When the preset stroke position is reached, the valves are automatically reversed allowing the ram to start its downward stroke. The ram is accelerated by the pressure of the gas above the piston and reaches a maximum acceleration of 2g. This reduces the maximum stroke that is required and at the same time increases the blow rate of the hammer. After impact, the cycle is repeated automatically. Due to the independently set acceleration force, the Hydrohammer can operate at any inclination, even horizontally. The hammer can operate leader guided or free hanging.