Hydraulic piling hammer for driving steel piles for conductors, jackets, tripods, mooring systems, monopiles and starter piles

The Hydrohammer is a hydraulic impact hammer used for driving steel piles. With its unique design the hammer makes it suitable for all types of onshore and offshore piling and foundation work, ranging from starter piles to the biggest monopiles in the world. The hammer has been active since 1984 and developed an extensive track record in the Coastal & Civil, Oil & Gas and Wind & Renewables markets.


The Hydrohammer is the state-of-the-art hammer that you need for your next project. It can be used for sheet profiles, caissons, spun piles and driving steel piles for conductors, jackets, tripods, mooring systems, pipeline initiation piles, PLEM foundation piles, subsea template foundations, monopiles and starter piles. But there’s more to that. Our hammers can be used for every project and with every range of steel piles our customers need. It can install piles efficiently, safely and can be used in combination with our noise mitigation system; The Integrated Monopile Installer. Besides that, the Hydrohammer has reliable results, fast installation performance and very low downtime. In addition to that, our service engineers are available 24/7 for you when you need support or spare parts for your Hydrohammer.


Through the past 30 years we developed multiple ranges of hammers.

The S-series

  • Hydrohammer S-30 to S-4000 ( 30kJ – 4000kJ)
  • Especially designed for driving steel piles
  • Can be used for driving free standing anchor piles through the Fast or Slotted Frame
  • Wide range up to 7,5 meters
  • Available for rent or purchase

The SC- series

  • Hydrohammer SC-110 to SC-200 ( 110kJ – 200kJ)
  • Specially designed for driving concrete and steel piles
  • Available for rent or purchase

Need a hammer with other energy requirements? We’ve got you covered. IQIP can design custom-made hammers for your next project. With our Advisory Services we can advise you on the most suitable approach, Hydrohammer and other equipment for your project. All of our Hydrohammers can be used with our new C-36 control system. With this system all hydraulic functions are electronically controlled and monitored, allowing the optimal blow energy to be set. For subsea operations we offer another control system to manage our hammer spread as a whole to ensure smooth driving operations at all times.

In addition to the standard hammer range we offer 70 – 280kJ Rock Breakers to work with our S-70, S-90 or S-280 Hydrohammers. Besides that, we offer up to 2500mm noise reduction systems for the Coastal and Civil market to allow piling operations in built up areas where noise is an important requirement.


At IQIP, we can offer you our standard portfolio of Hydrohammers, sleeves and powerpacks. The products from our portfolio can be prepared and delivered quickly at your next project. The products of our standard portfolio are:

 Hydrohammer  Sleeves  Powerpack
S-40, S-90, S-150, S-280, S-500, S-600, S-800, S-3000, S-4000  48" , 64"
Conductor sleeves:
30"- 36"(S-90-S-280 serie)
20"-24" (S-90 serie) , 72”, 84”, 2500mm (S-280 & S-800),
 All series of the IQIP Powerpacks

Air cooled and water cooled units available

Do you need another hammer, sleeve or powerpack? No problem. Just contact us and we’ll find the equipment that's needed for your project.

The Load Out of a Hydrohammer S-4000 at the Sliedrecht yard 




  • Great track record
  • Very low down time rate
  • Advanced piling techniques available, such as HiLo (high frequency, low energy) driving in order to minimize fatigue damage
  • Verifiable piling records for post analysis assessments
  • Additional 2g acceleration of ram weight through Nitrogen gas spring
  • Includes Pile Inclination Measurement Equipment (PIME) for measuring the level of inclination

Let’s build and work together on your next project. We can support you with providing our Hydrohammer, services and matching equipment like sleeves, hoses, umbilical and hydraulic winches and powerpacks. If you want more information about our Hydrohammer, do not hesitate to contact us.


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